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The Two Paths – Michael Villamor There are two paths in life, which will you choose?


Five Types of Prayer – Michael Villamor Learn more about the different types of prayer in this wonderful lesson!


Lessons from Adino and the widow – Adam Diaz  What does a poor widow and a mighty man of valor have in common?


Are you pitching your tent towards Sodom? – Adam Diaz Why did Jesus tell His disciples to “Remember Lot’s wife”?


Who is Barabbas? – Isaac Smith – Who is this Barabbas? The answer may surprise you…


Knowing Jesus –  Evan Diaz We sing a song called “Do You Know My Jesus”. Knowing Jesus is much more than knowing OF Him…


Ahithephel – Tim Long Join us as we delve into a history study from the Old Testament


Knowing the Scriptures Pt. 1 – Steve Carmack